• Located at District headquarters making to accessibility to all the stake holders
  • KVK farm as a true representative of the land type of the district
  • Demonstration units are available for effective learning by farmers
  • Required infrastructures are available to undertake mandatory activity


  • Limited infrastructure for undertaking the activities
  • Incomplete protection wall for restricting tresspassing
  • Limited irrigation facilities
  • Competition for farm labour in an industrial town


  • KVK is linked with host institution and other central research institutes in the state
  • Linked with district for all technical programmes
  • Agricultural productivity can be enhanced through farm mechanization
  • Orchard based farming system provide scope for QPM production
  • Predominance of upland – scope for crop/enterprise  diversification with irrigation facility


  • High dependency on rainfed agriculture and chemical farming
  • Expansion of industries and mining activity  having multiple effects on agriculture and allied sectors
  • Declining interest of people in the in agricultural and allied activities
  • Diversion of the labour force to other sectors of employment
  • Lack of interest of people in animal rearing and fisheries
  • In some areas all tanks get dry from January to monsoon period
  • Instability in traditional family systems